A resident of unincorporated Pacheco and Vine Hill since 1967, attended College Park High School, Diablo Valley College and University of California at Berkeley.

We are a small, family-run campaign. Please help us raise funding so that we can stand a chance against big money funding other campaigns.


There is an array of issues that impact the residents of District 5; railroad safety, industrial/environmental safety of the communities surrounding local refineries, power, and chemical plants, the growing challenges in addressing homelessness...


Current District 5 representation has been absent, and the communities of the district have gone without their interests being heard and addressed. It is time for change.


Conrad Dandridge, if elected, will ensure that the residents of District 5 will have the greatest access to their representative than they have had in years. He pledges to meet with residents through town halls, City Council meetings, etc,  at least once a month, every month, in every area of the district.


With over 25 years of experience working for the public, Conrad Dandridge is passionate about representing all communities of District 5. His principles lie in fiscal responsibility with a committment to having public services effectively and efficiently serve the needs of all the community without making devastating program cuts.  Ethical,  engaged, and effective leadership is Conrad Dandridge's priority. 

Life-Long Resident. Public Servant. Not A Politician.